Map layouts made in ArcGIS

Maps of marine protected areas

Purpose: Blue Finance finds solution for managing marine conservation areas and these maps are used in investor pitch decks.

Dates: May 3, 2021 – Present

References: Lloyd, Adam. “Turneffe Atoll Marine Reserve Zoning Map.” Wildtracks, 2011.  The Blue Nature Alliance. “Locations of Blue Alliance Co-managed Locally-managed Marine Protected Areas in North Oriental Mindoro.” The Blue Nature Alliance Global Partnership, 2021.

Maps of a fog gradient with fog collectors

Purpose: Dr. Daniel Fernandez has fog collectors deployed across the state of California as a part of his research at CSU Monterey. The maps I made helps to visualize foggy areas in California that could use more fog collectors. For example, Monterey and Humboldt experience similar average hours of fog per day but Humboldt has few fog collectors.

Dates: December 1-18, 2020

References: Torregrosa, Alicia. “Fog Belt Zones Vector Contour Map.” USGS Southwest Region, 2009.  Fernandez, Daniel. “CA Fog Collector Locations.” California State University, Monterey Bay, 2020.

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