Whether I’m in waders or a wetsuit, I love all things water. I got my start surfing while growing up in San Diego, CA. Outside of school and work, I spend most of my time matching up spots with swell charts. Insights on sediment transport have proven useful when chasing sandbars around Monterey.

Contact: gwichman@csumb.edu

Gretchen Wichman

Environmental science undergraduate

I’m an undergraduate student in my last semester of the B.S. Environmental Science program at California State University Monterey Bay. I will graduate in May 2022. I’m working on my honors capstone project looking at detritus decomposition in tidal streams.

My next step is the M.S. GeoScience program at Southern Cross University Lismore, New South Wales, Aus in July 2022. My thesis-based project will assess antimony contaminated sediments at the watershed scale by clarifying transport dynamics in the Macleay river and depositional patterns in the Macleay estuary.

My career goal is to become a researcher for a government agency. In that role, I would like to work on projects that occur prior to estuary remediation and define the extent of contaminants leached from mine tailing deposits.

My mission is to contribute to looking after our community’s watershed systems.