I’m a student in the MSc GeoScience program at Southern Cross University Lismore. My thesis-based project is primarily supervised by Prof Scott Johnston within the Landscape Hydrogeochemistry Group. The project is focused on a mining-impacted watershed and assesses contaminated sediment transport in the Macleay River. We are also investigating post-depositional processes involving mining and acid sulfate soil associated elements (Sb, As, Fe, Mn, Al) in the Clybucca Wetlands remediation area.

I earned a BSc in Environmental Science from California State University (CSU) Monterey Bay. My degree was supported by merit-based scholarships from the Association of California Water Agencies and the CSU Board of Trustees. In the Watershed Environments and Ecology Group led by Prof John Olson, I worked on a contracted hydrology monitoring project and executed an independent project analysing time series data from tidal streams.

My career goal is to become an environmental scientist for an Australian government agency, and work on projects related to contaminated rivers and wetlands in NSW.

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Contact: g.wichman.10@student.scu.edu.au